On My Way by Mada Nile (MAK Productions, 2008)

Image of On My Way by Mada Nile (MAK Productions, 2008)
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The fiery roots empress from St. Croix - presents her third full-length album: "On My Way". On the heels of last year's excellent "Many Roads" album, this set features 14 songs dealing with topics of truth, rights, relationships, farming, hard work, family, love and Rastafari. Mada "Fyah" Nile is definitely the voice of the people here in the VI, where her new single "I Would Like to See" is an unstoppable anthem of uplifting spiritual power to combat the senseless violence plaguing St. Croix and other communities. The top-notch roots production on "On My Way" is provided by Blaak Lung (Greensphere), I Grade, Drop & Katalyss. Iley Recommended.