Let Live CD by Midnite - I Grade

Image of Let Live CD by Midnite - I Grade

Let Live is the fourth collaboration album between Midnite and I Grade Records. A truly ground-breaking collection of songs, Let Live pushes,
crosses and destroys the boundaries placed on typical reggae music. This majestic 14-track album brings musical and lyrical life to the many
forms that make up the living body of Black music. The unique blend of roots, jazz, hip hop and African drumming on Let Live create the perfect musical foundation for Vaughn Benjamin's incomparable chants of truth.

1.Done Wrong Type
2.Closed Societies
3.Haile Selassie I Rastaman Crown
5.Let Live
6.The Gad
7.All About What You Do (feat. Pressure & Massiah)
8.Rastaman Life
9.Fighting for Her
10.Rastafari Lead the Way
11.Double Speak
12.Maize (My Ease)
13.All My Life
14.All the Same