Babylon Nightmare by Jahdan Blakkamore

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This year Jahdan Blakkamoore drops his sophomore album 'Babylon Nightmare' on the Lustre Kings Productions label. Babylon Nightmare's roots run deep and Jahdan's vocal abilities, creative intelligence, vast influences and melodic sensibilities are finely displayed throughout. There are no 'filler' tracks here. This album is a musical journey taking you through strong and delicate moments throughout this artist!s life. This 17-track monster of an album showcases fine musicianship and vocal prowess on riddims that span from one drop, hip-hop and pop to acoustic and club tracks. Referred to by the Village Voice as "the authentic connection between Reggae and Hip Hop", Jahdan is actually much more. Jahdan Blackamoore has created his own wholly unique path to success. He is at once unclassifiable and exists within a class all his own. Blakkamoore's worldly outlook and approach has melded a new fusion of sounds -- Dancehall meets Dubstep, Hip-Hop into Roots Reggae. After a string of singles recorded for LK, and many others for various labels including Dutty Artz, Project Groundation, Putumayo, I Grade Records and more, a beautiful, spirited and inspirational album began to take shape. Teaming up with Andrew 'Moon' Bain (Digital Ancient), chief producer at Lustre Kings and co-writer of the Cash Flow track for Major Lazer, Jahdan has crafted his testimonial masterpiece with Babylon Nightmare. This album takes you through years of artistic advancement, studio experience, Brooklyn living and creative progress that have developed into what Jahdan Blakkamoore refers to as, "My finest work to date, I could sing these songs for years to come... Lustre Kings has teamed up with a stable of talented musicians and producers to put this album together; including Lion Dub, DJ Child from Project Groundation, Nick Fantastic and The Zion I Kings. All of which have attained notable credits in reggae, hip-hop, jungle, dubstep and world music -- and the results speak for themselves